York Music Psychology Group

Research to explain and understand musical behaviour and experience.

YMPG Colloquium

The York Music Psychology Group meet on a weekly basis in term time in the Music Department at The University of York. These sessions are open to all and include journal club discussions of recently published research, talks given by external, guest speakers from the field and presentations of current research being proposed and conducted by members. A timetable for these events can be found below or for further information on any of the sessions please contact hauke.egermann@york.ac.uk

Time Day Date Room Presenter/Organizer Content
Week 1
Week 2 Thursday 2-4 18.01.18 D002 Hauke Egermann AHRC Funding Bid
Week 3 Thursday 2-4 25.01.18 D002 Mimi O’Neill Music and Food
Week 4 Thursday 2-4 01.02.18 D002 Liam Maloney Methods report: experience sampling to determine the uses of music.
Lisa Thorpe The speed of processing information.
Week 5 Thursday 2-4 08.02.18 D002 Scott Bannister Differences in musical chills: Emotions, music and listening processes.
Week 6 Thursday 2-4 15.02.18 D002 MA Group x2 Study plan
Week 7 Thursday 2-4 22.02.18 D002
Week 8 Thursday 2.00-3.30 01.03.18 D002 Prof Pam Heaton  Music Perception in Williams Syndrome and Autism
Week 9 Thursday 2.00-3.30 08.03.18 D002  Constant Bonard Lost in Musical Translation: A cross-cultural study of musical grammar and its relation to affective expression in two musical idioms between Europe and South India
Week 10 Thursday 2.00-3.30 15.03.18 D002 Daniel Johnston Music, apps and Children with Autism
Anna Wiedemann Music performance anxiety: The role of parenting and adult attachment behaviour