York Music Psychology Group

Research to explain and understand musical behaviour and experience.




Interaction between Aesthetic Judgement and Emotional Processing of Contemporary Music

Musicologists, practitioners, and critics have recognised that contemporary music is often challenging to audiences used to traditional western music structures. However, this music can be enjoyable. We will conduct a pilot study in order to understand why some listeners respond positively and others negatively to this music, identifying the cognitive and emotional processes that facilitate … Continued

3DMIN – The Embodiment of Sound

The goal of our contribution to the 3DMIN project is to empirically research parameters in the interaction with musical instruments that are crucial both for the performer and the experience of the audience. Especially the relationship between gestures and the sensory feedback of the instrument will be investigated. This parameter called “mapping” is considered substantial … Continued

Social Influences On Emotions Experienced During Music Listening

There are many social aspects of music in everyday life. These include, for instance, the influence of peers on personal music preferences or the social interaction of audiences during music performances. Furthermore, numerous studies have shown that music is a powerful means to induce emotions. But past studies have primarily concentrated on the experience of … Continued

The Dynamics of Music Listening

The Dynamics of Music Listening: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue Between Music Theory and Music Psychology This projects investigates together with the Music Perception and Cognition Lab at McGill University the temporality of the perceptual, cognitive, and affective experience of listeners. We developed and tested music theories for the construction of hypotheses on what happens in the mind of a … Continued


The ABC_DJ (Artist-to-Business-to-Business-to-Consumer Audio Branding System) project www.abcdj.eu seeks to provide new tools for European creative agencies in the field of audio branding in order to actively include creators of music, (independent) labels as well as respective multipliers in the audio branding value chains. The research contribution of the York Music Psychology Group (in cooperation with the TU Berlin) tests … Continued