York Music Psychology Group

Research to explain and understand musical behaviour and experience.


Hauke Egermann graduated in Systematic Musicology, Media Studies, and Communication Research (MA 2006, Hannover University for Music and Drama, Germany). Subsequently, he studied Neuroscience at the international graduate school Center for Systems Neurosciences Hanover (PhD in Music Psychology/Neuroscience 2009). After finishing his dissertation, he was Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music … Continued

Elizabeth Haddon studied music at the University of York, graduating in 1987, where she focused on historically informed performance and editorial work. Since then her freelance work has been very varied and has included the teaching of Javanese gamelan in the UK and abroad, tambura playing for the sarangi player Ram Narayan for concerts and … Continued

Firat’s interest in music started at secondary school when he was taking the Diyarbakir Anatolian exam at the Fine Arts High School of Music Department in Turkey. After taking a short break from music, he made a decision to pursue his interest and build a musical career, achieving a bachelor degree as a honour student … Continued

Mimi graduated with a music degree from The University of York in 2016. She then continued on to study an MA in music psychology, as well as taking on the role of YMPG assistant. During her masters, Mimi conducted a literature review which sought to examine existing theories of empathy, and research that has been conducted, … Continued

Diana Kayser holds a bachelor’s degree in Musicology from the University of Cologne. During her time there she specialised in Systematic Musicology with a focus on Music Psychology and Music Cognition. She wrote her Bachelor’s thesis about music and empathy. Diana did an exchange semester at the University of Ghent where she got introduced to … Continued

Heather studied an undergraduate music degree at York St John University graduating in 2017. She discovered a love of music psychology through seeing the benefits of music on mental health and began to study in this area during her undergraduate degree presenting at the York University Music Education and Psychology Conference in 2016 on the … Continued

Sinead graduated from York St John University (2017) with an undergraduate degree in music. During her time as an undergraduate, she discovered an interest in the use of empirical research, as part of a collaborative project, which led to embarking on a study into musical gestures within solo performances. This research became a passion for … Continued

  Danhe Zheng graduated with a music degree from Central China Normal University in 2015. She has studied piano since she was 6 years old and loves sharing music with others and it often gives her a new perspective about music. During her undergraduate study she majored in musicology, and organised and participated in various … Continued

Charlotte graduated from The University of Hull in July 2017 with a BA (Hons) Music degree. During her time as an undergraduate, she studied modules in the Psychology of Music Performance and the Psychology of Music and Emotion and became particularly interested in clinical psychological trials which established the unique and powerful influence that music … Continued

Charlotte Brook (MA: Music Psychology 2016-2017). Rhythmic complexity in Contemporary music and embodied timekeeping gestures.  Briony Corrigan (MA: Music Psychology 2016-2017) The difference between ratings of arousal, valence, emotional intensity, and vividness of autobiographical memories before and after listening to self-selected music.  Beth Gilchrist (MA: Music Psychology 2016-2017) Practice makes perfect: The impact of preparation techniques … Continued