York Music Psychology Group

Research to explain and understand musical behaviour and experience.

The York Music Psychology Group (YMPG) aims to explain and understand musical behaviour and experience, including the production, processing, and reception of music. In addition to creating this knowledge, we also apply it to music practice and the development of music technology.




  • 2017 Postgraduate Spring Forum

    Every autumn and spring the music department hosts a post-graduate forum day. This is an opportunity for current postgraduate students to showcase their research to a group of their peers, meet fellow postgraduate students, discuss and exchange ideas, gain academic presentation experience, and learn about the diverse outputs of the music department. Areas of research might include, … Continued

  • Firat Altun: YMPG PhD Candidate

    We are thrilled to welcome Firat Altun to the York Music Psychology Group to study for his PhD. He joins us from Turkey and has become a welcome presence at the undergraduate and MA teaching sessions as well as our weekly colloquium. For more information on Firat’s research do come along to his colloquium session on … Continued

  • Musical Instruments in the 21st Century

    By exploring the many different types and forms of contemporary musical instruments, this book contributes to a better understanding of the conditions of instrumentality in the 21st century. Providing insights from science, humanities and the arts, authors from a wide range of disciplines discuss the following questions: ·         What are the conditions under which an … Continued

  • Dr Hauke Egermann and Dr Federico Reuben Receive University Funding to Study Aesthetics

    In August 2016, Dr Hauke Egermann and Dr Federico Reuben received research prime and strategic capital funding from the University of York to study aesthetic responses to live performed contemporary music (55,000 GBP). This funding will allow them to purchase a unique and mobile audience response system that will enable the continuous assessment of psychological and physiological … Continued

Recent projects

Interaction between Aesthetic Judgement and Emotional Processing of Contemporary Music

Musicologists, practitioners, and critics have recognised that contemporary music is often challenging to audiences used to traditional western music structures. However, this music can be enjoyable. We will conduct a pilot study in order to understand why some listeners respond positively and others negatively to this music, identifying the cognitive and emotional processes that facilitate … Continued