Technologies for Musical Creativity Group

Research on the development of technology that, as a fundamental principle, considers the complexities of musical and creative processes.


Strategies for Distributed Network Performance

The Online Orchestra (Phase 1) is a project that was funded by AHRC (fit to connected communities and design highlight notice), run by Falmouth University from Oct 2014 – Mar 2016, in collaboration with the University of Bristol, the Philharmonia Orchestra and the Cornwall Music Education Hub. Wide ranging research suggests that participation in ensemble music … Continued

Modularity, Immediacy and Exchange in Laptop Improvisation

Improvisation with live instruments presents unique challenges to the laptop performer. Modularity, Immediacy and Exchange in Laptop Improvisation is a research project that addresses the challenges of laptop improvisation by developing a new command-style live coding environment. This environment is tested through performance and improved based on the needs and findings of practical experience in … Continued