Rymer Auditorium

The Rymer Auditorium is one of the best listening spaces for reproduced sound in the United Kingdom.

It is a well-appointed performance space designed for experimentation, research, and performance. It is equipped with an in-house 5.1 Genelec surround sound system and a 16 speaker ambisonic rig that are used for research and the performance contemporary electronic music and sound art, along with performances from a variety of musical traditions. The Rymer is connected to the control room of the Trevor Jones Recording Studio and can be used for recording.

The hall has a unique acoustic and is built on separate foundations from the other areas of the building. It is constructed to prevent external noise from entering the space, and performs to a PNC specification better than the PNC 15 standard. The room is built to give the best possible frequency response. It can be used in conjunction with the other spaces for research and recording projects. The Rymer also contains suspension systems to mount large numbers of surround sound loudspeakers.

The auditorium has a full-wall HD projection screen and houses a Fazioli grand piano.