– YMPG Alumni –

Charlotte Brook (MA: Music Psychology 2016-2017).

Rhythmic complexity in Contemporary music and embodied timekeeping gestures. 

Briony Corrigan (MA: Music Psychology 2016-2017)

The difference between ratings of arousal, valence, emotional intensity, and vividness of autobiographical memories before and after listening to self-selected music. 

Beth Gilchrist (MA: Music Psychology 2016-2017)

Practice makes perfect: The impact of preparation techniques on music performance anxiety among student musicians

Queen Zaidah  (MA: Music Psychology 2016-2017)

SHALAWAT ALBANJARI: an Ethnographic Study about Psychological Well Being of the Shalawat Albanjari Player in the Ma’had Sunan Ampel al-Aly UIN Malang