Firat Altun

PhD Candidate

Firat’s interest in music started at secondary school when he was taking the Diyarbakir Anatolian exam at the Fine Arts High School of Music Department in Turkey. After taking a short break from music, he made a decision to pursue his interest and build a musical career, achieving a bachelor degree as a honour student from Harran University, Turkey. Having completed the undergraduate education, he began a master degree program in Music Education and worked as a teaching assistant in Inonu University. Having a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Music Education field, he graduated with skills that can be effectively used in most music disciplines.

In addition to this, Firat played in a String Quartet, and had the chance to work and perform as a cellist allowing him to gain the skills of playing together in pieces from different periods through a wide range of repertoire including Komitas, Bartok, Mozart and Brahms.

Firat has also been studied for a master’s degree in the field of Philosophy, specifically dealing with Aesthetic and Sociology of Religion.

After successfully completing his MA, he started a Phd in Music Education in Turkey in which he concentrated his study area on principles of musical hearing and learning. However, Firat has decided to conduct and complete his PhD at the University of York based on the links between emotion recognition, tuning and scale systems, and learning.

To be supervised by Dr Hauke Egermann.