Dr Elizabeth Haddon

Elizabeth Haddon studied music at the University of York, graduating in 1987, where she focused on historically informed performance and editorial work. Since then her freelance work has been very varied and has included the teaching of Javanese gamelan in the UK and abroad, tambura playing for the sarangi player Ram Narayan for concerts and Nimbus CD recordings, administration of the new music group Icebreaker and organising Striking Out, a week-long festival of gamelan music in 1993. Her interest in varied musical areas led to her book on British musicians: Making Music in Britain: Interviews with those behind the notes (Ashgate 2006). Liz also teaches piano privately and at the University of York.

From 2006-2008 Liz worked as the York University Music Department Research Officer (responsible to Dr John Potter and the other IMP award-holders in London, Glasgow and Leeds) for the ESRC-funded research project Investigating Musical Performance. This project explored how undergraduate music students developed their learning about performance and led to output in music journals and international conference presentations. Liz continues to work with John Potter on projects relating to the singer/pianist partnership, and also researches aspects of instrumental and vocal teaching and learning. These include contexts of instrumental and vocal learning which occur outside the one-to-one context, which may be described as hidden, unseen by teachers. Liz is also currently investigating music masterclasses through an interdisciplinary approach, with Dr Beatrice Szczepek Reed (Education) and Dr Darren Reed (Sociology).