Music Production, Processing and Analysis Group

Research that contributes to new techniques and technologies for interacting with sound as well as those that respond to such developments in the studio and understand them from a human and cultural perspective.


Recording Footnotes: manifesting production

Footnotes is an ongoing project involving recordist Jez Wells, composer William Brooks and performer Stefan Östersjö. Footnotes (1983-86) is a piece for guitar where the composer adopts several different ‘masks or personae’. When performed these masks interact with those (the different instruments, techniques etc.) of the performer. Now this piece is undergoing an additional set … Continued

Reverberation modelling

The first working prototype of a new reverberation modelling system is currently being tested in the Music Production, Processing and Analysis Group. Modern digital reverberation systems are typically either convolution-based or algorithmic. The former type works with samples of reverberation (usually in the form of a room impulse response), which is applied to incoming audio … Continued

Crosstalk-cancelled stereo: history and potential

Twenty five years ago two signal processing systems that claimed to be able to move sounds presented over stereo loudspeakers in three-dimensional space (including at height, and outside of the space between the speakers) were developed. Roland Sound Space (RSS) and QSound were briefly adopted for a number of significant commercial audio releases in the … Continued

Music production as human activities

This project is concerned with the people who undertake the wide range of activities that fall under the umbrella category of ‘music production’, and how they affect the outcomes of those activities. The roles of the recording engineer and producer have changed over the century and half in which humans have had the capability of … Continued

New approaches to classical music production

Aside from a few isolated exceptions, the classical (art music) recording industry has taken more conservative approach to the presentation of musical sound than has occurred with electronic and pop production. The techniques and technologies applied in classical production are highly sophisticated leading to excellent outcomes, yet the outcome rarely deviates from established and narrow … Continued