Music Production, Processing and Analysis Group

Research that contributes to new techniques and technologies for interacting with sound as well as those that respond to such developments in the studio and understand them from a human and cultural perspective.


Jez Wells graduated with a BMus in Music and Sound Recording from the Tonmeister course at the University of Surrey in 1994. Following time spent as a freelance recording engineer, music technology lecturer and working for Digital Audio Research and Fairlight he began an MSc in Music Technology at York in 2000, graduating a year … Continued

Michele Pizzi graduated inTrombone performance and in Electroacoustic music composition at the Conservatorio Niccolo’ Paganini of Genoa (Italy). He graduated from group’s MA degree in Music Production with distinction. For his MA research project he adapted scientific computing (Matlab) and phoentic analysis (Praat) software to develop novel voice processing methods for his own production work. … Continued

Liam’s research is concerned with the interplay between music, emotion, memory, and geography. The focus of his Ph.D thesis examines how these factors can be tracked, recorded, and used to generate ever-evolving patterns of sonic autobiography that could be compiled to create a truly contextual music recommendation system. Having completed his undergraduate degree in Sound … Continued

John is a musician, software developer and signal processing engineer with a keen interest electronic music. He has a Masters degree in Digital Music Processing from Queen Mary College at the University of London and in Interactive Intelligent Systems from the University of Plymouth where he was a member of its Computer Music Research Team.  … Continued

Hairul is a graduate of the group’s MA in Music Production. His MA research project examined intelligent systems for dynamic range control. He is currently undertaking a PhD with Dr Jez Wells which is an investigation of non-linear mixing, developing complex systems for side-chaining between audio signals.