Science in Music Symposium

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This event finished on 07 June 2017


The Music Science and Technology Research Cluster invite you to their 2-day symposium featuring all taught masters students on the Music Production, Sound Recording and Psychology of Music pathways. These subjects have a great deal of overlap and the benefit each discipline can afford the other is often underestimated; as such, this symposium is one of the first times this has been embraced.

The symposium, spread across the mornings of Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th of June, is an opportunity for students on the aforementioned courses to discuss, present and explore their topics of study as well as being a chance to disseminate and share their knowledge and research.


SiMS Running Order

This is the timings and rough labelling of each session of presentations at the Science in Music Symposium. Feel free to drop in and out.
Tuesday 6th June9.00-10.20Audio Programming
10.45-12.10New Acoustic Applications
12.40-14.10Immersive Spatial Audio
Wednesday 7th June
9.00-10.20Performance, Practice and Perception
10.45-12.10Responses to, and Impact of Music
12.40-13.30Spectrographic Analysis and IOS Programming
16.00-17.30Key Note: Kelly Jakubowski.


The MSc in Audio and Music Technology programme is run by the department of Electronic Engineering, Music Production is a masters course and Music Psychology is a pathway on the music MA, both run by the department of music at the University of York.

Click here for book of abstracts: SiMS Programme

Conference Chair: Katherine O’Neill

Audio and Music Technologies lead: Daniel Johnston

Music Production lead: Jaiden Muschett

YMPG Lead: Lottie Brook

Press & Publicity Lead: Ed Lock

P&P: Beth Gilchrist, Alexander Duffell, Zhuo Chen, Briony Corrigan, Elizabeth Wilson

Event Photography: Peter Baumann, Queen Zaidah

AV Set up and equipment procurement lead: Panagoitis Kompotis,

AV: Oliver McIntyre, Marcus Levy-Chance, Oliver Tsakonas.