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Distributed Network Performance Research in Journal of Music, Technology and Education

The Journal of Music, Technology and Education recently published a special edition on distributed network performance and telematic music, focusing on the buy periactin, generic lioresal. Online Orchestra, an Arts & Humanities Research Council-funded project that run between October 2014 to March 2016.

Dr Federico Reuben contributed to this project as lead developer on a new software that stabilises and controls network latency and as a composer of a large scale composition for the system. This special edition sets out detailed findings from the Online Orchestra project through a range of articles written by various members of the research team.

Dr Reuben co-authored two of these articles: “Telematic performance and the challenge of latency” and a�?Designing a system for Online Orchestra: Computer hardware and softwarea�?, which describe some of the practical and technical challenges of telematic performance and the solutions developed during the project to allow orchestral music to be performed over the internet. In addition, in a�?Composing for a latency-rich environmenta�?, Rofe and Geelhoed (2017) interview Dr Reuben and analyse his composition Spiritus Telecommunitas (written for/with Aleks Kolkowski) alongside two other compositions written for the Online Orchestra system.

You can find this special edition here.

A video of the performance, along with several documentary films, can be found here.

The Online Orchestra project has also recently won gold in the arts and humanities category of this yeara��s Reimagine Education awards; as well as it was awarded silver in the European competition (cross-discipline).