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2017 Postgraduate Spring Forum


Every autumn and spring the music department hosts a post-graduate forum day. This is an opportunity for current postgraduate students to showcase their research to a group of their peers, meet fellow postgraduate students, discuss and exchange ideas, gain academic presentation experience, and learn about the diverse outputs of the music department. Areas of research might include, but are not limited to, historical musicology, ethnomusicology, music theory, music technology, music pedagogy, popular music studies performance and of course, music psychology. Interdisciplinary work is also encouraged.

There will be presentations from members of the Music Science and Technology Research Cluster and specifically from our own York Music Psychology Group, including a preview of research that will also be discussed at the European Society for the Cognition of Music (ESCOM) in Ghent this July.

The forum will be held on the 2nd of March 2017 in the Music Department at the University of York and we invite anyone who is interested to attend part of, or the entire day. There will be tea and coffee provided as well as lunch and a wine reception at the end of the day. See below for full program (subject to revisions).


9am Coffee, MRC Foyer

10.00-11.30 Parallel paper sessions

Session A1 Collaboration and Creation Rymer Auditorium

  • Karin de Fleyt and Jia Chai ?New Forms of Collaboration
  • Beau Stocker Drums  Timbre Africa RhythmImprovisation
  • Ben Eyes and Beau Stocker ?Adventures in Cross Collaboration (through time and space)

Session B1 Musicological Perspectives, C20th-present Room E107

  • Owen Burton?From Birdsong to Journeys End: Who is Rautavaara?
  • Jiaqi Luo  ?Reception History of Kenneth Leightons musica
  • John Marley?Monk Montgomery  How the Fender Bass Changed Jazz

11.30  Coffee MRC Foyer

12.00 Lecture Recital: Carmen Troncoso (recorder) Rymer Auditorium

?Collaboration-based New Repertoire for the Electroacoustic Modern Alto Recorder

13.30  Lunch  MRC Foyer

14.30 Composition Seminar: Michele Pizzi Rymer Auditorium

15.30  Coffee MRC Foyer

16.00  Parallel paper sessions  Practice and Practising

Session A2  Rymer Auditorium

  • Katherine ONeill ?Does Practice Make Perfect? An Investigation on the Effect of Other People on Eliciting the Dominant Response in Musical Performance
  • Neil Luck?Disrupted Production: Implementing non-conventional production methods in recent compositional works

Session B2  Room E107 Critical musicology: appropriation and negotiation

  • Ayat Nasser Al MataNi ?Orientalism in Music: Considering Mozarts Turkish Marcha
  • Samantha Holland ?The Aesthetics of Florence Price: Negotiating the Dissonances of a New World Nationalisma

17.00 Wine reception MRC Foyer