Keynote Speaker for mstrc launch announced

We are thrilled to announce that the Keynote speaker for this event will be Professor Tuomas Eerola, eminent researcher and lecturer at Durham University. His talk will be on “Modelling Emotions in Music: Lessons Learnta�?A�in which he will talk about research on music and emotion A�and specifically the development and use of his own programme MIR toolbox. As one of the most widely published researchers in this field we are very lucky that he is coming to York for this event and anticipate his arrival and presentation with great excitement.


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Modelling Emotions in Music: Lessons Learnt
Music Emotion Recognition (MER) has attracted increased attention during the last five years in data science, music information retrieval and music psychology. This presentation puts together central themes that need attention in order to make advances in the topic. The themes concern conceptual, contextual and validity of the data. Within each theme, the central challenges are discussed and promising further avenues are presented. In conceptual theme, significant discrepancies in the terminologies, models and focus of research still persist. In contextual theme, the primary area of improvement is incorporating music and user contexts including cultural differences and situation, activities and preferences into emotion recognition. For the validity of data, reliable estimation of mid-level musical concepts require significant attention. Finally, pulling together efforts that combine studies with high validity and high stimulus quantity is the key to robust music emotion recognition models.